TARA Product Ingredients

TARA products contain no synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes or colors and are paraben free. No TARA products are ever tested on animals and none contain petroleum based ingredients. Never. Ever. Many of our products are certified organic, all are wildcrafted, pesticide free and sourced from suppliers who engage in sustainable farming practices. Our warehouse and shipping facility operates on solar power.
TARA Aromatherapy
Our collection of 21 Single Note Essential Oils are the finest grade available; over half of our oils are Certified Organic; the rest are wild-crafted and pesticide free.

  • All TARA Oils contain only natural ingredients and are chemical free.
  • Aroma Wellness Body & Massage Oils are 97.5% Organic when in TARA Organic Base Oil. Naturally Scented Eucalyptus, Maternity Blend and Jet Lag Oils are 100% Organic.
  • Destination Rejuvenation Oils are 97.7% Organic.
  • Our popular Roll-On Remedy Lotions and Liniments are 100% Organic.

TARA Ayurveda
TARA Ayurveda features centuries old, healing formulations combined with advanced manufacturing technology to create treatment products that are pure and effective. Authentic ingredients are sourced in India; products are manufactured in the US. “Mantras” or prayers of healing are said over the ingredients as the products are manufactured. No artificial dyes, fillers or synthetics are ever used.

  • Ayurvedic Facial Oils are 98% Organic.
  • Dosha Balancing Teas are 98-100% Certified Organic.

TARA Bath Therapy

  • All 8 of our remedy focused Bath Salts formulations and Rejuvenating Foot Soak & Scrub contain certified organic Herbal Extracts and pure Essential Oils.

TARA Herbal-Ease

  • Our Pillows and Packs are filled with 100% Natural Aromatherapy herbs.
  • Our Gift Box packaging is Eco-certified environmentally friendly.

TARA Daily Rituals Skin Care

  • Contains high percentages of certified organic ingredients and wild crafted botanicals. There is no synthetic fragrance, no artificial colors, no propylene glycol, no parabens and no animal testing.
  • More than half of our Skin Care line is 83-100% Organic and many products have been formulated to comply with Eco-Cert standards.
  • The rest of the line contains high levels of organic ingredients and significant levels of pure, wild crafted herbs, farmed without pesticides or other chemicals. (See Products You Use for more details about wild crafted ingredients.)

TARA Sun Therapy

  • Our Lavender Hydrating Mist is 100% Certified Organic.