TARA’s Ingredient & Product Philosophy

Our company’s goal is to offer the most health-sustaining products possible; products with such integrity that you can actually feel the vibration of purity when they touch your skin. We spare no expense in finding the best ingredients possible and we never compromise purity. We never, ever use synthetic fragrance, artificial colors or petroleum, and we never test on animals.
Many of our products combine the principles of Aromatherapy and Ayurveda with the science of active botanicals and anti-oxidants. The high percentage of organic extracts and therapeutic oils elevate their health sustaining properties. And because our ingredients are so pure, our formulations are more absorbable through the skin, thus more bio-available to the entire body.
We’re committed to supporting and inspiring individual well-being. We’re also committed to the well-being of the planet, expressed through sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients. We seek to partner with farmers throughout the world who use ecologically conscious methods of growing and practice sustainable harvesting. Our manufacturing and packaging choices also reflect a conscious concern for our environmental responsibility.
While all TARA products reflect the highest standards of purity and quality, the TARA Eco-Choice emblem desginates our top tier of products which meet or exceed EcoCert and/or USDA organic standards, reflecting the best in organic and sustainable personal care products.